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When Probate Disputes Lead To Litigation

Probate litigation can take a variety of forms that stem from disputes over the substance or administration of an estate through the probate process. Challenges may arise as follows:

  • You may be convinced that someone’s will is invalid.
  • You may believe that an executor is failing at their fiduciary duty to manage the estate properly.
  • You may seek to prove to a judge that a negligent executor is denying you access to your rightful inheritance.
  • You may pursue the repayment of debts from the estate.

All are examples of causes of probate litigation. Disputes can come to light at any point in the process of settling an estate through probate. Sometimes, aggrieved parties take action over powers of attorney even before someone dies. Are you a creditor, a son or daughter from a previous marriage, a second spouse or a sibling in a family affected by dysfunction? Whatever protest you wish to make about an estate or defend yourself against, Houser Firm can be your trustworthy ally in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

Get Ahead In The Race To Resolution

Time is of the essence after a death. If you have a valid claim against the executor or estate after the death of your business partner, debtor or loved one, we recommend that you get prompt legal counsel. Delaying may make it difficult or impossible to get a just result through legal action.

To increase your chances of a favorable outcome in probate litigation, turn to an experienced litigator at Houser Firm to begin strategizing about either side of the coin for one or more of the following:

  • Questionable validity of a will or power of attorney
  • The appointment of a personal representative (executor)
  • Communications form the IRS about tax arrearages
  • Alleged malfeasance by the executor
  • Distribution of real estate, investment accounts, gun collection, family-held businesses or other assets

Probate litigation may emerge after someone has died without a will (intestate) or because of family disharmony, real estate title defects or other problems. The attorneys at Houser Firm represent individual and corporate clients in probate courts in Dallas, Collin, Denton, Tarrant, Kaufman and Ellis counties and throughout Texas. We resolve many cases out of court but are always ready to go to trial if necessary.

Protect Your Interests In Disputes Over An Estate

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