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Premier Asset Protection Services For Dallas-Fort Worth

If you live in the Dallas-Forth Worth metro area and you are seeking attorneys who can develop asset protection strategies, handle estate planning and administration, and provide business counsel, you need look no further. At the Houser Firm, our team is dedicated to helping you preserve your family’s legacy of wealth. Our service combines sophisticated techniques with hands-on, thoughtful attention from attorneys who care about helping you.

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It is rare to find a boutique firm that has the breadth and sophistication of a large one, but we provide these in spades. We regularly serve as general counsel for business entities throughout the metro area. In us, you can find high-level representation combined with personalized focus.

Prepared For Complex Litigation

Our firm has earned a reputation for the administration of high-asset estates, which frequently come with one or more disputes. When resolving disputes, we draw from our experience in both alternative dispute resolution and litigation. We know how important it is to prioritize cost-efficiency, particularly when the finite resources of an estate stand to be drained.

Methods Tailored To Achieve Your Financial Goals

We have worked with hundreds of clients with complex and significant assets to create tailored strategies for wealth protection. Our first step is simple: We listen closely to what you have to say about your needs and goals. When we have a complete financial picture, we explore the full range of options available and implement the ones best suited to achieve your objectives.

Begin Protecting Your Legacy Today

Your wealth is your family’s legacy; allow us to protect it. To discuss how we can serve you, contact our law office to set up an initial consultation with one of our team members. You can begin by calling 972-777-3589 or by using our online contact form. We have three convenient locations, in Dallas and Southlake.