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The Houser Firm is Dallas’ trusted wealth law team. Handling areas from trust and estate litigation to business representation, our mission is to protect our clients’ legacies of wealth. We accomplish this mission by using a team of experienced, communicative and efficient attorneys and staff. Your legal matters may include complicated and difficult situations, but with the Houser Firm on your side, you can rest assured that your legacy will be preserved.

Asset Protection Planning

You most likely have acquired assets that are very important to your family. While some of your assets may be exempt from creditors’ claims under Texas law, other assets may remain vulnerable to attachment, garnishment or involuntary transfer. The attorneys at the Houser Firm are committed to helping you understand the risks of owning nonexempt assets and will develop a customized proprietary asset plan to minimize the threat of losing your wealth.

Trust And Estate Litigation

Executors, trustees, guardians and a host of other official roles owe “fiduciary” duties to those individuals who directly benefit from their service. Trust and estate litigation typically ensues when people or corporations in those fiduciary roles fail to look after the best interests of the beneficiaries. If you find yourself involved in this type of litigation, it is crucial to have a team of lawyers on your side that is intimately familiar with the intricacies of this highly specialized area of the law.

At the Houser Firm, we excel at breaking down complex cases into simple components that clients, juries and judges alike will easily grasp. As the laws evolve, so do we, and we make every effort to keep our clients informed of their legal options at every step.


During probate, an executor administers a deceased person’s estate. If the decedent did not leave a last will and testament, the court will appoint a personal representative to handle the estate administration. This usually involves contacting beneficiaries, repaying creditors, and distributing assets and property. The process is often very stressful and emotionally painful, particularly for people who are trying to navigate the process while grieving their loved one’s death at the same time. At the Houser Firm, we can guide you through the steps and shoulder the difficult aspects of probate for you.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is critical in many ways. Implementing an effective estate plan may reduce estate tax liability, preserve your wealth and assets for family members, and provide lasting creditor and divorce protection for beneficiaries. Our sophisticated attorneys will develop a customized estate plan for you that will accomplish your goals and objectives.

Business Representation

Clients amass their wealth in a variety of ways. Many of our entrepreneurially minded clients have built successful businesses and companies that also need legal assistance. Our attorneys at the Houser Firm have the knowledge and experience to address each challenge confronting a business enterprise. They also routinely develop and implement carefully crafted business succession plans that assure that the futures of their clients’ businesses are in good hands.

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We are dedicated to helping you preserve your wealth for the next generation and for today. When you are ready for a team that provides outstanding legal services designed to protect your assets, get in touch with the Houser Firm. To arrange your initial consultation, please contact our office at 972-777-3589 or send us an email.