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Why might you want to disinherit your child?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Estate Planning

Most children would expect to receive something when their parents die. Most parents would want to leave their children something too. However, there are occasions when a parent may wish to leave one or more children nothing at all.

There could be many reasons for this. Here are some:

To protect the money or the children

If a parent has a child who is a drug addict, the parent may prefer not to give them anything. They know that their child will not only waste the money but will endanger their life in the process. 

In a case like this, a parent might choose to give the money to someone else, or a drugs charity. Alternatively, instead of disinheriting their child entirely, they may put money in a trust, which their child can only access if and when they attend rehabilitation and get clean.

Due to a falling-out

Some children can be downright mean toward their parents and a parent may consider their child does not deserve a cent of their estate. Alternatively, a parent may be upset with a child who has strayed from the good morals they tried to instill in them. If their child is in constant trouble with the law, they may cut off all contact, and not want to leave them anything either.

To make better use of the funds

Imagine your child goes on to set up a multi-billion dollar company. Do you think they will need your money when they can already buy anything they want? You might decide to leave all you have to your other children who could do with some financial help.

Whatever your reason for wanting to leave your child nothing, it is important to remember it could cause problems if they are unhappy about your decision. Taking legal guidance to determine how best to document your choice is crucial.