Trust and Estate Litigation

Trust and estate (or “fiduciary”) litigation is a specialized area of the law involving controversies born of questionable wills, wayward trustees, disgruntled beneficiaries, and more.   While these cases are often complex and full of intricate details, the attorneys at the Houser Firm have the experience, compassion, and assertiveness to help you resolve the matter in an efficient manner.  We represent clients across the state of Texas with fiduciary litigation cases.

What Kind of Cases are Involved?

 Houser Law Firm routinely represents clients in the following kinds of litigation:

  • Will Contests (both defending the validity of a will and advocating for the will’s defeat);
  • Lawsuits defending Executors and Trustees;
  • Lawsuits alleging claims against Executors and Trustees;
  • Trust Modification Actions;
  • Trust Termination Actions;
  • Lawsuits against family-owned entities (partnerships, corporations, etc.);
  • Lawsuits Relating to Abuses of Powers of Attorney;
  • Lawsuits Seeking Removal of Executors and Trustees, and more.

Why Hire Houser Law Firm?

Trust and estate litigation cases can easily become emotionally charged affairs.  These cases are similar to family law (divorce, child custody) matters in that the participants are deeply invested from an economic and emotional standpoint.  Our experienced and assertive, yet compassionate, attorneys understand the dynamics at play, and we take great care in helping our clients maintain a healthy balance during the pendency of the case.  The Houser Firm believes that helping our clients anticipate the legal issues and problems leads to a smoother and less emotional process for all.  We represent clients in these cases on both an hourly basis as well as a contingency fee basis.

Houser Law Firm Helps Minimize Litigation Frustrations

If you wish to discuss your trust and estate litigation case with one our experienced attorneys at no initial cost, contact us today.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“Excellent firm! Very responsive to our needs! I would highly recommend this firm to other businesses and individuals”

Jason W.

“Bill Houser has taken care of all my asset protection needs, my trusts, my childrens trusts as well as all our wills. He has also set up several of my business corps.(13). He has always performed most  professionally all the legal documents I’ve needed for the last several yrs. I have recommended him to several of my friends and they are all happy with all the things he has prepared for them.”

Roy M.

“Bill and his firm held my hand through the most difficult time of my life. They are amazing.”

Lynette M
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