Probate is the judicial process where a court appoints a personal representative (an “Executor,” if there is a last will and testament) to manage a decedent’s assets, pay any of decedent’s debts, and transfer legal title in the remaining property to the beneficiaries or heirs of decedent’s estate.  Administering the estate of a loved one can be both confusing and difficult during your time of grief.  Houser Law Firm is here to help.

Generally, probate administration is a fairly efficient process in Texas. However, situations can arise where the process becomes complex, such as when a person dies without a will (“intestate”) or when complex family situations, such as a blended families, cause added stress and complexity.

The Houser Firm’s attorneys have represented hundreds of individuals and corporate personal representatives in probate courts all across Texas.  We handle non-contested and contested probate matters for estates of varying sizes and complexities.

What Does Probate Entail?

The complexity of probating an estate depends on a variety of factors, such as whether the deceased person had a will, whether the person had children from a previous relationship, whether a will contest is expected, and the nature of the assets to be administered.  Our team of attorneys assist with:

  • The administration of deceased individual’s estates, both with and without a last will and testament
  • Assisting executors or administrators with probate administration requirements
  • Preparations of federal estate tax returns if needed
  • Helping executors and administrators understand and fulfill their legal obligations
  • Representing beneficiaries of estates and ensuring that the Executor or administrator is properly fulfilling their fiduciary duties

The Pitfalls of Continuing Without a Probate Attorney

Attorneys who do not regularly practice in the probate courts may inadvertently miss some critical parts of the probate process.  We routinely work with courts in Dallas, Collin, Denton, Rockwall, Tarrant, Kaufman, and Ellis counties (as well as other courts across Texas) and are familiar with the little procedural and practical nuances that frequently beset probate matters.  In short, our probate attorneys are efficient problem solvers that can save you time, money and effort in administering an estate.  Some issues that probate attorneys can help your family avoid include:

  • Executor or administrator misconduct
  • Failure to comply with statutory requirements
  • Delays in the processing or closing of an estate
  • Mishandling debts from creditors
  • Incorrect distribution of assets

Keep the Probate Process Clear with the Houser Firm

If your family is currently involved in a probate administration, you don’t have to deal with it alone.  Let a trusted probate attorney from the Houser Firm walk you through this process.  Contact us today to find out more.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“Excellent firm! Very responsive to our needs! I would highly recommend this firm to other businesses and individuals”

Jason W.

“Bill Houser has taken care of all my asset protection needs, my trusts, my childrens trusts as well as all our wills. He has also set up several of my business corps.(13). He has always performed most  professionally all the legal documents I’ve needed for the last several yrs. I have recommended him to several of my friends and they are all happy with all the things he has prepared for them.”

Roy M.

“Bill and his firm held my hand through the most difficult time of my life. They are amazing.”

Lynette M
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