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How To Best Navigate The Biden Tax Plan

If you’re in the process of estate planning right now, you may be asking the question: what is the Biden tax agenda, and when, if passed, will it be implemented? What is The Biden Tax Plan? Let’s start with the basics: what is the Biden tax plan? To put it simply, the...

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They died without a will?!

Many celebrities have significant assets. Smart stars have vast estate planning mechanisms in place, however, you may be surprised to hear of a few very famous and very wealthy people who died without any formal protections for their privacy, assets or property....

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Living Will vs. Last Will and Testament

What do I need and what is the difference between the two? As estate planning attorneys, we often get email inquiries from new clients that read like this: “Hi there, I need a living will. I want to make sure my kids go to my parents in case I die, and we have a house...

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